Chapter 4: Using DNTV Live! in TV Mode

Watching Digital Television

DNTV Live! Employs a revolving time shifting buffer to continuously record what you are viewing. This will allow the replay of any action that may have been missed. Replay is available up to a user preset time limit, with the default being one minute. The user can go back through the segment and view the missed portion, and also record a certain portion if desired, all without missing a single second! DigitalNow calls this Smart Time Shifting or Action Replay.

Please open DNTV Live! and select TV Mode. Now right click and select Channels. This will bring up a list of channels scanned. This list will be available until you disable it again by right clicking and selecting Channels again.

Click on the channel you would like to start viewing. The selected channel will be tuned and you will be watching that channel within a matter of seconds. The OSD (On Screen Display) will be shown for the default 5 seconds, displaying the Channel, Channel Logo, Date and Time. You can change the amount of time it is displayed in Chapter 2.

You can also access the desired channel by a Preset Key, this is described in chapter 3. By pressing the allocated number on the keyboard or remote you will have direct access to that channel.

Video Controls and Audio Controls are also provided, access to them is via a right click menu. These settings also apply to DVD/Media Mode

Also, DNTV Live! allows you to view another SD or HD channel using the Picture in Picture option if you have more than one tuner installed.

Right click on the main screen, move your mouse over 'PiP Channels', 'PiP HDTV Channels' then select the channel you wish to watch.  A small window will appear, which you can resize and move to where you desire.  If you would like to watch the PiP channel full screen, double click on the PiP window and it will switch to the main screen, and the main screen will be moved to the PiP window.

Using the Smart Time Shifting and Action Replay functions

The default Time Shifting Mode is OFF. To enable Time Shifting either select Timeshift ON/OFF to start without pausing or Pause to start and pause immediately. A buffer is kept so you can go back and re-watch something you missed, pause the current show or fast forward through advertisements.

To pause your show, press ‘Pause’ on your remote control, this will instantly pause what you are watching, and can be paused for the length of time you set in Chapter 3J – the default being 30 minutes. To resume your show, press play. To fast forward or re-wind, press pause and move the slider to the desired position and press play. You can also move the slider by using the ' Backward' and 'Forward' buttons on your remote.

The Action Replay function will jump back 1 minute and replay that last minute, giving you an action replay.

Please remember your hard drive can fill up quickly with the Time Shifting buffer, on average 30 minutes of SD DTV will take up 700mb. If you are low on hard disk space, or you have an older computer, it is recommended you disable Timeshifting. While in HDTV Mode, right click and go to 'Timeshift Controls' and Select ' Time Shift ON/OFF '. Repeat this process to enable Timeshifting again.

Using the Control Panel

The Control Panel enables you to do a number of things while watching a DVD or HDTV all within the one convenient panel.

While in DVD or TV Mode, right click and select ' Show / Hide Control Panel ' to show or hide the control panel.


Recording Digital Television

When watching Live TV, right click and select Record

DNTV Live! Will automatically name the file and start recording to the directory selected in Chapter 3h. To stop the recording, right click and select Record again. Alternatively, you can use the Quick Record function.

This lets you record in block of 30 minutes, 1 Hour, 1 Hour 30 mins and 2 Hours. Simply right click, move your mouse over Quick Record then click on the desired amount of time. Or you can use the Scheduler to record, please see the next section

Using the built in Scheduler

The DNTV Live! Scheduler enables you to schedule an unlimited number of programs to be recorded.





1.Start Time – Enter the time for the Schedule to start

2. Start Date – Enter the date for the Schedule to start

You can double click on the calendar icon to bring up a calendar to help you choose.

3. Finish Time – Enter the time for the Schedule to Finish

4. Finish Date - Enter the date for the Schedule to Finish

You can double click on the calendar icon to bring up a calendar to help you choose.

5. Select Channel – Select the desired channel to be recorded

6. Select Tuner – Select the tuner to be used for this particular recording.

7. Directory and Filename – Enter the directory for the recording to be stored in and a filename for the recording.

  • Auto Directory and Filename Generation – Tick this box if you would like DNTV Live! to automatically select where the recording will be stored and its filename
  • Activate Schedule 1 Every X Days – When enabled, this schedule will be run every 5 days from the Start Date. This is used for weekly captures, for example recording Neighbours Monday – Friday.

  • Activate Schedule 1 ONCE only – When ticked that particular schedule will run once at the set time and date, then will be finished and won’t run again.
  • •  Once Schedule is complete – Choose between Leave Power ON, Hibernate, Stand by or Power OFF.

    Once you have entered all the information you then must click ADD button to add it to the schedules list. Note you can add schedules either in an active or inactive state. The schedule must be in an active state by selecting the appropriate activation selection otherwise it will be ignored by DNTV Live!

    DNTV Live! MUST be open for you schedules to be run, we recommend keeping DNTV Live! in the taskbar, letting your schedules run and enabling fast access to the program.

    Here is an example of how to setup a schedule for an active weekly recording of Neighbours, with the computer set to Standby after each recording:

    Using the EPG (Electronic Program Guide)

    The EPG will display 7 Days of program information as well as program descriptions. This data can be sourced from the DVB Transport Stream (broadcasted) or from XMLTV sources on the internet.


    Digital Now wishes to thank Jeremy Barr, Kenneth Webb and David Ngo for their assistance in putting together and keeping up-to-date this Manual