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Latest version of DNTV Live! available for download.


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DNTV Scheduler Pro 2


DNTV Scheduler Pro 2 is a web based scheduling tool that allows you to schedule recordings of Digital TV (terrestrial , satellite and cable) onto your hard drive, from anywhere. Based on the open source version of Webscheduler  with the addition of many other features.


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HIP is a useful tool that helps you control various applications with your Digital TV tuner cards remote control

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Product Spotlight

Quad DVB-T PCIe Card

The world's first and only 4 DVB-T (HDTV) tuner card, with one antenna input. Supports all Australian DVB-T formats including 1080i HDTV and AC3 Audio. It also support Digital Audio (DAB+) and FM Radio.

A unique product.

Dual Dual Dual Hybrid (7164) PCIe Card   - Possibly the best dual HDTV card in the market, also support analog capture and FM Radio. Hardware Encoder.

DAB+ Solution for PC - Digital Audio on your PC has finally arrived, check it out now.

SkyDigital HDMI Capture Card- Captures High Definition video and digital audio via HDMI input

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Select a Digital TV device to suit you?

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Watch multiple TV channels while recording others?

DigitalNow is here to help . We have developed DNTV Live! the first application in the world that allows the use of multiple devices (viewing and recording) in one PC at the same time. Developed right here in Australia. Have a look at its features.

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Australia's Leading Distributors and Retailers of PC Based Digital TV and Related Solutions.

Our main objective is to bring Australian enthusiasts the latest and best value for money PC based Digital TV solutions the world has to offer.


We are continually searching and evaluating what is available around the world and where necessary develop, or commission the development of, appropriate hardware and software which, in our opinion, best meets the needs of the Australian market.  


While strongly supporting local Australian developers, in order to keep abreast of the latest technological developments we also have technical co-operation arrangements with a number of suppliers and manufacturers of digital TV products worldwide.