We are an Australian Company that has been operating since 1994. We are located in Canberra, the Capital of Australia.

Renura Enterprises Pty Ltd is a family owned investment and trading company. Since the late nineties it has has been involved in digital TV technology, in particular in relation to convergence of consumer electronics and personal computers.

We have been enthusiastic participants and supporters of the development of the HTPC (Home Theatre Personal Computer) and of PC based digital television solutions, for a number of years.

Since the beginning of Digital TV broadcasting in Australia we worked very hard to achieve our major goal of bringing a computer based DVB-T (HDTV) solution to Australian enthusiasts.

  • In 2003 we brought Australia the first PC Based (DVB-T) HDTV solution with the (VP-DTV-T) PCI Card;
  • The first HDTV capable USB Device (Nebula DigiTV USB); and
  • The world's first DVB application capable of handling multi tuners in the same PC Digivision HTPC  with picture in picture and more.
  • In 2004 we continued to bring to the Australian market the latest in PC DVB-T technology, with DVICO, TechniSat, and DNTV Live!
  • In 2005 we brought the smallest and most widely supported (Mac, Linux, Windows 32/64 OS) USB (HDTV) device (tinyUSB 2); and the first dual digital tuners devices in the world. ( DigitalNow TwinDVB-T)
  • In 2006 we released a number of dual tuner solutions and the world's first ever Four DVB tunesr device, the QuattroS, a truly great HTPC product.
  • A variety of Dual Digital Tuners devices using PCI-Express and USB2 interfaces were launched in 2007, including the very popular TinyTwin
  • In 2008/9 we continued to bring new dual DVB tuners and further developed DNTV Live! and DNTV Scheduler Pro application software to make them into industry leading products. A new website specialising in Media Players was also established http://www.medianow.com.au/ with the objective to provide customers with a TDMS (Total Digital Media Solution).
  • In 2010 we released the DigitalNow Quad DVB-T Receiver - The first 4x HDTV tuners PCIe card in the world, also supporting Digital Audio Broadcasts (DAB+) and FM Radio, and using only one antenna input. A truly amazing engineering achievement

We are proud to have introduced many world first Digital TV products and aim to continue to be leaders in the field


The main objective of this website is to introduce the latest available PC based Digital TV technology at the most competitive prices.

We already have many thousands of happy customers and hope to bring joy and happiness to many more.

We have extensive experience and contacts in Europe and Asia and aim to use these contact, as well as develop new ones, in order to bring Australia the best the world can offer in the area of PC based Digital TV and related products.