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Please read the following information as well as that which is in the links provided, before e-mailing for support. (ensure you identify yourself as a customer when seeking support), if you have a purchased a DigitalNow or DNTV Live! branded product form a reseller, you must contact the place of purchase for assistance.

If after you have researched the issue, you still require direct assistance, please ensure that you provide full details of your system, hardware and software used. You may find the Belarc Advisor a good tool to collect information on your system and send us the report generated, an alternative for W7 users is to run DxDiag.  A detailed description of the issue, together with a step by step account of how to replicate it, will speed up resolution.

Please note that while we are happy to supply customers worldwide, we may not always be able to provide the level of support tat maybe required in particular countries in relation to local conditions, etc.

All our products come with a software manual on CD or hard copy, hardware manuals are generally not provided or necessary to use the product.

New drivers and application software are continuously enhanced by the manufacturers and customers are encouraged to obtain the latest version of the software which may be downloaded from DNTV Live!, DVICO, Nebula Electronics, VisionPlus and TechniSat for the DVB PCI Cards and USB devices and from M-Audio for the sound cards.

A great forum where one can find an immense amount of information and knowledge about HDTV, HTPC and lots more is at

A list of freely available "killer" applications for the HTPC enthusiast is here

DVB-T - A good reference site for Digital TV Terrestrial broadcasts in Australia, as well as discussion of Digital TV, FAQ, etc, is here

You are also invited to visit and join the discussion at the  DVB Owners Discussion Forum  where very useful information including a DVB-T FAQ is located. Most of the developers of Australia DVB applications and tools such as Web Scheduler, Digital Watch, TS Source file filter, HIP, etc are often available at this forum.

FAQ for the DVICO is here. 

Comprehensive Online Help for the Nebula DigiTV card is here

Comprehensive Online Help for the DNTV Live! is here

If you are setting up multiple cards in the same PC, you may want to read this

Here are some basic points about Digital TV

Free Electronic Program Guide can be obtained

DVB-S - Satellite information, including available channels, frequencies, etc can be found at 

The setup help page is designed to make it easier for our DVB-S customers to enjoy their purchase quickly and and easily.

This diagram provides a simple illustration of how things works, you may also want to read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)