Please note:

  1. DNTV Live! is available only to DigitalNow customers and customers of our authorised resellers. Software licenses are not transferable, if you acquired a second hand DNTV Live! product from other third party, you have no right to use the software.

  2. Legitimate users of DNTV Live! can also download and use DNTV Scheduler Pro noting that DNTV Live! must be installed and functional in order for DNTV Scheduler Pro to work correctly and fully.

  3. In downloading the DNTV Live! software you agree to use it exclusively with the devices for which it is developed (ie DNTV Live! PCI and USB devices and selected registered DVICO DVB-T devices)  and will not attempt to:
    (i) reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble it for any purpose;
    (ii) modify in part or the whole, or create derivatives based upon it;
    (iii) distribute copies of the Software;
    (iv) remove any proprietary notices or labels on the Software; or
    (v) resell, lease, rent, transfer, sublicense, or otherwise transfer rights to the Software.

  4. You acknowledge that no title to the intellectual property in the Software is transferred to you. Title, ownership, rights, and intellectual property rights in and to the Software shall remain the property of Renura Enterprises Pty Limited.

DNTV Live! customers may download the latest versions below:


-  DNTV Live! 1.5.0* 6 September 2011

-  DNTV Live!* Last Updated 31 January 2014 Full Package including DNTV Scheduler Pro


*Please Note:

  • If you wish to use DNTV Live! under Windows Vista or Windows 7/8, you must install and use it as Administrator. You might want to do the following after you have installed it: Right click on the DNTV Live! icon on the desktop, select properties, compatibility tab, tick the "Run this program as administrator" box, click apply and it will work.

As usual, you are advised to create a restore point to which you can go back to, should something go wrong with the installation of the above version.