Software release history

Release Version Release Date Comments
DNTV Live! Version 1.0.0 19 November 2004 Re-boot essential after installation
DNTV Live! Version 1.0.1 22 November 2004 1. Fixed a bug in the scheduler which did not change the file extension from *.dvr-ms to the recording format of choice (*.mpg or *.ts) when Auto Directory and Filename was checked.
2. Main Menu or Home Page can now be navigated via the Up and Down Arrow keys on the keyboard or by the Up and Down Arrow buttons on the DNTV Live! remote. Buttons can also be activated via the enter key on the Keyboard or Reset button on the remote
3. Fixed an error 'Failed to get or set UIVMode' when selecting Cyberlink PowerDVD 6 Video Decoder in the Configuration Dialog.
4. Forward and Backward buttons on the remote will now instantly Fast Forward or Rewind, via specified increments, through the timeshift buffer or recorded file without having to first pause.
5. DVICO Trial Version Only: Limited recording has been adjusted from a max of 3mins to 30mins.
DNTV Live! Version 1.0.2 24 November 2004 1. F1 Now launches our HTML Manual and F3 resumes the role of showing the Audio Decoder filter property page if available.
2. Fixed a bug where the Zoom slider bar did not appear in certain circumstances.
3. Fixed EPG Time bias for different timezones and daylight saving.
DNTV Live! Version 1.0.3 28 November 2004 1. Fixed the locking of the OSD and EPG OSD when the time was set to 0 seconds in the configuration dialog. Setting either interval to 0 seconds will now disable the OSD or EPG OSD.
2. Added an option in the HDTV Settings section of the Configuration dialog to allow users to always start HDTV Mode with the timeshift buffer running.
3. Added support for the Directshow filter ReClock. You can enable this filter as your default audio renderer if you are having excessive sync problems or spdif issues. Only for the advanced user and is in beta test stage. You must have this filter installed on your own accord. It is free and open source I believe. You can get it here..
4. Fixed a number of holes in the installation procedure that may have caused filters to not be registered correctly and or missing. Install should not even require a re-boot anymore but it is still advised.
DNTV Live! Version 1.0.4 02 December 2004 1. BDA Compliant drivers (MCE) are now available.  This means you can use other BDA compliant applications with your DNTV Live! card (eg BDA Webscheduler).
2. DNTV Live! will now disable the MCE Receiver Service on start-up and re-enable it on exit for those with filter connection errors running MCE 2005.
DNTV Live! Version 1.0.5 09 December 2004 (IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a major revision due to security priviledge updates and USB 2 support, thus all settings will be set to default values and channels will need to be scanned again).
1. Added support for DVICO USB 2 DVB-T device. Only single USB 2 device supported at this stage. This device can be used in conjunction with other supported PCI cards to create a multiple tuner system.
2. Fixed a bug in the scheduler that caused multiple access violations when using Mpeg 2 PS or TS as recording format in combination with Tuner 2, 3 or 4.
3. DNTV Live! can now be used without administrator security priviledges. However, when installing DNTV Live! for the first time, you must be logged in as an administrator to ensure all filters are installed correctly.
4. DNTV Live! will now play files that are associated within the Windows shell. (i.e Simple double click will launch DNTV Live! and play the file of choice). See the manual for details on how to associate file types within XP.
DNTV Live! Version 1.0.6 15 December 2004 1. Added support for the Microsoft WaveOut audio renderer. You can enable this filter as your default audio renderer if you are having spdif issues that ReClock may not fix. We do stress that if you are using PinP features with this Audio Renderer, you may have undesirable effects on audio and general performance as this renderer is very old technology.
DNTV Live! Version 1.0.7 23 December 2004 1. Added support for VisionPlus DVB-T PCI cards as a second tuner when a DNTV Live! PCI card is installed. You must have the WDM drivers for your VP card installed. Only one card is supported at this time as a second, third or fourth card.
2. Added code to further help with A/V sync and spdif issues in some systems.
DNTV Live! Version 1.0.8 06 January 2005 1. Fixed a bug with SPDIF output in combination with PIP that would not allow the PIP audio renderer to connect causing an error message. General improvements to spdif output and A/V sync issues.
2. Added Pixel Adaptive deinterlace option for PowerDVD 6 Video Decoder users.
DNTV Live! 1.0.9 

Please note this is a major revision, you are advised to uninstall the previous version and delete the DNTV Live folder first

25 January 2005 1. Added support for up to 4 DVICO PCI devices (Gold, Plus or Lite) and up to 4 DVICO USB 2 DVB-T devices.
2. Added support for playback of DVD .ifo files from a local hard drive or any source.
3. Improved error checking mechanism extensively.
4. Fixed many bugs reported by users
- Fixed a channel changing issue during recording.
- Error message no longer displayed when loading up a second instance of DNTV Live! Current instance is now brought to foreground.
- Inability of changing channels using preset keys via remote or keyboard, until OSD's had disappeared, has been fixed.
- Improved cpu usage when viewing Main and PinP windows to improve stability on lower spec systems.
5. Changed some shortcut keys and also added a shortcut to enable the use of channel preset numbers (0 to 9) with PinP. This shortcut (F5), is essentially a toggle to indicate to DNTV Live! if you would like to use the channel preset numbers for the Main window or PinP window. Please see the updated manual for details.
6. Added support for NVIDIA (Version 4) and DScaler 5 Video and Audio decoders. Properties for these can be changed during playback via F2 and F3. Also added support for the NVIDIA Video Post Processor (Version 4 decoders only) which enhances the picture quality substantially. You will need a good CPU for this 2GHz+

 7. Added function to enable exiting the entire application from DVD or HDTV modes. This effectively bypasses returning to the Main Menu.

DNTV Live! Version 1.1.0 22 February 2005

1. Fixed disabled Action Replay menu item when Always Start-Up in Timeshift mode is enabled.

2. Added a shortcut F5 to enable swap between Main and PinP windows.

3. Added an option to disable the DNTV Live! tray icon when minimising etc..

4. Added support for the directshow audio decoder "AC3Filter".

5. Added functions to automatically update pids of any channel before recording and/or on channel viewing. 

6. Title Bar has been removed and replaced by a single and much cleaner sizeable border for windowed mode. 

7. Added the ability to play back a file from the beginning while it is still being recorded. To do this, open the file in DVD mode and play it. You can scroll through the file from the start to the current live viewing status.   

8.  Fixed a small bug when using "always exit" and "Auto-Start HDTV Mode on Start-Up" in combination, that would not save the resized window correctly. 

9. Major enhancements to preset keys and hotkeys for channel navigation have been implemented, please see manual and change log file for details.

10. Timeshifting / Progress Bar has now been moved from the center to the bottom of the screen. 

11. Chapter 7 of the manual has been edited for the new key mappings for the original DNTV Live! remote. 

12. Added support for DVICO HID remote controls. If you still want to use HIP make sure "Use HIP with Remote Control" is checked. See manual for details.

DNTV Live! Version 1.1.1 06 March 2005 1. Fixed a problem with quick record that didn't terminate these timers correctly when user manually stopped recording before quick record interval had expired.
2. Fixed a minor bug in the auto pid update function that would automatically reselect AC3 audio as default regardless of what the user had chosen previously.
3. Added an option for increased error correction and prevention. Only enable this if you suffer from signal deterioration from bad reception or hardware / software conflicts. Those with any stutter issues after long live viewing sessions may want to enable this option.
DNTV Live! Version 1.1.2 10 April 2005 1. Added the ability to set Daylight Saving Time Correction (i.e add 60mins) for EPG. Timezone correction is still done automatically.
2. Added a function to automatically stop recording if HD space gets less than 50MB on the drive assigned to the DVR Directory.
3. Added support for the analogue inputs on the DNTV Live! and DVICO pci cards. (Preview only).
4. DNTV Live! now supports all versions of the BDA drivers from DVICO :)
5. Fixed an issue where scheduled recordings would be stopped when exiting from DVD Mode.
6. Cyberlink DTV Video decoder has been updated to fix issue with ABC2 A/V sync. (Contact support if you have this issue)
7. DNTV Live! will launch in fullscreen mode even if not using HTPC mode. It will remember your window settings when exiting even if in fullscreen. HTPC style menu is only available now when running fullscreen.
8. Transition from Fullscreen to window mode is much smoother now. "Animation" is not apparent now.
9. Fixed a problem with mouse pointer displaying when triggered by an external event.
DNTV Live! Version 1.1.3 16  May 2005 1. Added support for TinyUSB2 Receiver DNTV Live! LP as well as TwinHan and selected other BDA based devices.
DNTV Live! Version 1.1.4 14 July 2005 1. Web Scheduler can now be accessed and used from within DNTV Live! GUI (please make sure Web Scheduler is installed before using it). NOTE: Tuner 1 in DNTV Live! must be set to lowest priority in Web Scheduler for multiple card users. This is so that you can still have access to the Main Video window in DNTV Live! while using Web Scheduler. Thanks to Shaun for a world class program.
2. Fixed a Stack Overflow error that occurs if DNTV Live! is open and you try and restart or shutdown Windows XP.
3. The Power Menu item will now shutdown the users PC automatically instead of inducing the Windows XP shutdown dialog.
DNTV Live! Version 1.1.5 05 August  2005 1. Video and Audio Decoder drop down boxes have had scroll bars removed so all options are available without the need to scroll.
2. Some major performance improvements have been added to the GUI for more efficiency during scanning etc...
3. Fixed a small bug in the updating of pids when conversion from a HD channel with AC3 audio to a SDTV channel without AC3 audio occurs. Always use AC3 audio checkbox stayed checked when this occurred resulting in loss of mpeg 2 audio. This will not happen now.
4. Added a Power Management feature that will prevent windows from sleeping or hibernating if a scheduled recording is set to active and is pending or recording.
5. Added UK and Taiwan frequencies to Tuner Scan.
6. Only one set of drivers is now required for multiple card functionality for the DNTV Live! LP PCI device. You can obtain them from here. Users with drivers for Tuner 2 to 4 etc will need to update these devices so that they appear all the same in the device manager.
7. Added support for FFDShow Post Processor filter to be used in conjunction with DScaler Mpeg 2 decoder. Pressing F9 during live viewing or file playback will access the FFDShow Post Processor property pages.
DNTV Live! Version 1.1.6 31 August 2005 1. Added Hibernate and Standby options to Power Off features.
2. Added ability to wakeup from hibernate or standby to the scheduler and also the option to enter various power off states on completion of scheduled recordings. (To enable wakeup imers you must select the power option from DNTV Live main menu. Hibernating or putting into Standby via Windows Start Menu will not work.)
3. Added an option to allow volume to be retained when restarting the application.
4. Added one touch silent recording of Main and PnP currently viewed channels. This allows for much less CPU usage, due to no decoding.
5. Added the option to stop silent recording from the task bar, thus allowing totally free and uninterrupted desktop use.
6. Added recording in the past functionality for dvr-ms recording format. This is only available when using timeshifting and will only work if your timeshifting and dvr directories are on the same hard disk partition. This feature will allow recording from any  point within the timeshifting buffer. Please note that when using this feature the file created is a hidden file with extension .sbe, so make sure that your browser allows you to view hidden files if you want to access it for post-processing, etc. You can of course rename it to whatever you like and give it a dvr-ms extension, and unhide it as a normal file.
7. Added the option to use a TS file source filter, available from This will allow playback of any streams from a TS file as well as selection of a number of other file playback options. Press F10 while playing back the TS file to access the various options
8. Added FM Radio tuning and playback functionality for use with supported
DNTV Live! Version 1.1.7 29 September 2005 1. Added support for the new DNTV Live Pro card.
2. General review and fix of various minor recording bugs and inconsistencies
DNTV Live! Version 1.1.8 Latest


11 December 2005

Note: Channels require re-scan but all settings are retained when upgrading from 1.1.7 or older.
1. New PSI decoding engine implemented to improve stability, parsing epg information more consistently and in preparation for future features.
2. Added support for new DVICO Dual and Hybrid devices. Also if wanting to use with a T1, Lite or Plus card you will need modified Dual drivers from our website.
3. Added scanning support for other countries with DVB-T systems.
4. Added support for Twinhan Alpha device as 2nd, 3rd or 4th tuner when accompanied with a DNTV Live! registered device.
5. Fixed an invalid index error which would occur sometimes after editing the channel list.
6. Added support for DNTV Live! Mini PCI device

7. Improved stability and support for Dual Core AMD X2 and Pentium D and Pentium 4 HT cpu's.
8. Fixed issue with wrong audio pid detection in UK transport streams.

DNTV Live! Version 1.1.9

31 December 2005

1. Added support for VMR 9 and VMR 7 Video Renderers.
2. Fixed issue with DVD drive letter disappearing or not setting correctly on initial installation.
3. Added preliminary support of DTV subtitles. Note: Subtitles only are available with VMR video renderers and not in timeshifting modes.
4. Improved WinDVD 7 Intervideo Decoder support. The best decoder for DNTV Live! in our testing in all modes and all video and audio formats :)
5. Fixed an issue with Mpeg 2 PS recording option and high bitrate HDTV streams.
6. Added a Reset Defaults and registry button for recovery.
7. Fixed an issue with setting correct colour control defaults in DVD Mode and during playback
8. Added new Channel Nine logo :)
DNTV Live! Version 1.2.0 6 February 2006 1. Added support for Nebula DigiTV DVB-T PCI cards via third party modified BDA driver (not the official Nebula drivers from their website)
2. Fixed a bug with EPG not updating correctly in the scheduler window.

3. Fixed an issue with the Nebula PCI cards not appearing in the tuner selection drop down box in the scheduler.
4. Added new selection dialogs for default DVR and Timeshifting directories and added the ability to create a folder from within these dialogs.

DNTV Live! Version 1.2.2 18 July 2006 1. Redesigned the Scheduler and added unlimited schedule recordings for all supported DVB-T, DVB-S and DVB-S CI devices.
2. Fixed an issue with the mouse pointer not hiding on occasions.
3. Added support for both DVB-T and DVB-S viewing and recording simultaneously in the one HDTV Mode smile.gif (PIP included and all recording modes).
4. Added support for DVB-S BDA devices including DNTV Live! QuattroS and Twinhan DVB-S CI. (SelectTV and Austar supported via CI + IRDETO 2 compatible CAM + Subscription card).
5. Added FM Radio and FM recording support to DNTV Live! QuattroS and DNTV Live! Hybrid LP PCI.
6. Added a Favorites List that allows mixing of satellite TV and Terrestrial TV channels for seamless changing between satellite and terrestrial TV channels.
7. Increased the number of presets to access channels directly up to 999. (i.e enter the preset number followed by enter key). (Original presets can still be used, ensure "Use DVICO Remote" is checked to enable this).
8. Added support for NewSoft Video and Audio decoders.
9. Increased the number of tuners that can be managed by DNTV Live! to 16, eight DVB-T and eight DVB-S.
10. Fixed some other minor bugs.

DNTV Live! Version 1.2.4 18 August 2006 1. Fixed some errors in TV Channel Editor.
2. Improved Twinhan Sat-CI tuning efficiency.
3. Added support for DNTV Live! Dual PCI-E and DNTV Live! Dual USB devices.
4. Fixed a bug with analog audio input on DNTV Live! QuattroS and DNTV Live! Hybrid LP devices.
5. Fixed EPG and Scheduler Channel Trees not responding to single click channel change commands.
6. Added regional FM scanning options for Australia.
7. Fixed possible conflict of single and double click channel change that may cause errors.
8. Fixed no video being displayed when resuming from a silent recording.
DNTV Live! Version 1.2.5 08 September 2006 1. Enabled FF and RW of the TS buffer via hotkey while the system is in pause state.

2. Added support for DNTV Live! USB Hybrid device

DNTV Live! Version 1.2.6 14 October 2006 1. Implemented XML based channel scanning lists. Customers will now be able to use the built in Scan Editor to create and/or edit XML based custom frequencies for DVB-T, DVB-S and FM broadcasts.
2. Replaced some progress bars with std windows controls to reduce conflicts with some XP themes and associated software.
3. Fixed hotkey (ctrl+k) for startup and shutdown of FM radio.
4. Implemented a comprehensive and fully customisable hotkeys system, to allow users to customise which hot key to use for any and/or all DNTV Live! functions. (See Configuration - General Settings).
5. Added duplicate hotkey check function, to ensure there are no same hotkeys/ keyboard shortcuts used for different functions (in 4 above). Note: F1 to F12 are reserved for special functions.
6. Fixed a bug with DVD Fast Forward and Fast Rewind controls.
7. Implemented some command line arguments for users of Meedio and other front end applications.
Usage e.g c:\Program Files\DNTV Live!\DNTVLive.exe dvd
command line arguments:
“dvd” - launches the application into dvd mode bypassing main menu. ;
“hdtv” - launch the application into hdtv mode bypassing main menu.
Note: Only single argument supported currently.
8. Added two new permanent hotkeys:
- F4 will toggle between DVD and HDTV modes bypassing the Main Menu.
- F12 will toggle between FM and HDTV Modes.
9. Power functions (ie Power OFF, Hibernate or Standby) are now possible from within any mode not just the Main Menu.
10. Added support for DNTV Live! Rocket Dual DVB-T device
DNTV Live! Version 1.2.7 05 Dec 06 1. Added auto check up of supported A/V decoders and defaulting to one that is present.
2. Added support for same name channels in the channel lists. (Sorry rescan of channels is required with 1.2.7)
3. Added support for TechniSat AirStar 2 DVB-T devices.
4. Fixed a bug with setting DiSeCq and 22KHz Tone switch on Twinhan DVB-S devices.
5. Fixed some EPG issues with DVB-S. Improved EPG data parsing performance.
6. Fixed FM audio setup as stereo not mono.
7. Fixed audio volume and mute not working correctly in some instances.
8. Added support for DNTV Live! Dual Hybrid PCI-E S2 device.
DNTV Live! Version 1.2.8 12 Feb 07 1. Added support for 7 Day EPG data from DVB Data Transport Streams or XMLTV data sources.
2. Added the ability to set scheduled recordings from the 7 day EPG with auto start and finish time padding.
3. Added support for DNTV Live! Hybrid LP S2 PCI device.
4. Fixed some users issues with scanning crashing via ntdll.dll exception.
5. Fixed adding channels manually to channel list. These are now editable.
6. Added saving and loading of channel list for backup purposes. Backup file is stored in the programs directory as channellist file.
DNTV Live! Version 1.2.9 24 Feb 07 1. Fixed xmltv_dvbt.xml file not updating when automatically extracted from a zip archive.
2. Fixed start and finish EPG schedule padding not setting correctly in configuration.
3. Added playlist functionality to all modes. Any media files can be added to a playlist for automatic ordered playback. Playlist files are saved as *.ply files in a directory of your choice.
DNTV Live! Version 1.3.0 19 April 07 1. Fixed issue with hotkeys set too blank would not set correctly and crash application.
2. Fixed issue with XMLTV EPG auto download continuously looping.
3. Added support for DigitalNow TinyTwin and Dual Digital DVB-T PCI-E device.
DNTV Live! Version 1.3.1 01 June 07 1. Fixed issue with add scheduler dialog not clearing auto directory and filename when unchecked.
2. Fixed access violation error when changing date combobox in EPG dialog when no channels are present on tab page.
3. Fixed issue with first pause while timeshifting jumping back to 100secs in buffer.
DNTV Live! Version 1.3.2 28 June 07 1. Fixed some channel change issue with dual core systems.
2. Fixed some signal strength stats errors.
3. Added support for the TechniSat Cards as first tuner
DNTV Live! Version 1.3.3 18 Aug 08 1. Added support for new AzureWave Hybrid USB device.
2. Added support for new Dual Digital PCI device.
3. Added support for new AzureWave DVB-S2 device.

4. Added support for new Dual Hybrid PCI-Express S3 device

DNTV Live! Version 1.3.4 7 Sep  09 1. Added support for new DigitalNow Dual Digital PCI device.
2. Added support for new DigitalNow Dual Digital PCIe device.
3. Added support for new DigitalNow DVB-T/S Combo Device.
4. Added support for new DigitalNow Hybrid LP S2 Device.
5. Added support for new DigitalNow Tinytwin Device.
5. Added support for new TeVii S420 Device.
7. Added support for new TeVii S600 Device.
8. Added support for new Hauppauge HVR-2200 Device.
9. Added support for using the MDAPI Filter as an option on DVBS devices.
10. Added command line feature to enable playing of DNTVLive recorded files.
11. Added support for multiple instances of DNTVLive when playing files from command line.
12. Added share file write modes on file writer to enable live playback of recorded ts & mpg recordings with tsfilesource filter enabled.
13. Added support for ts file stream selection when playing full ts recorded files with tsfilesource filter enabled.
14. Added support for the Microsoft MPEG2 Decoders
15. Added support for the PowerDVD 9 Decoders
16. Added support for the ArcSoft TotalMedia Decoders
DNTV Live! Version 1.3.5 6 Nov 09 1. Fixed a problem where the media player would not play AC3 programs correctly due to the inability to find audio output pin.
2. Fixed a problem where the media player would not play mpg programs due to a unable to connect pins between source to demux.
3. Fixed a problem where if using live as preferred player program that it parsed the command line properly.
4. Added Tuner ordering feature (users can now select which tuner to use first, etc).
5. Added an option checkbox for multi-instance operation. (you can not launch as multiple instances of DNTV Live! and select a tuner to use without interfering with another)

6. Fixed a issue with the AzureWave DVB-S2 PCI Digital device not being recognised.
7. Added a play menu option for viewing of recordings with multi instance mode.
8. Fixed the display view screen positioning bug on vista when Aero mode enabled.
9. Added device usage reset fix.

10. Fixed a DXVA selection issue when using PDVD9 Video Decoder.
11. Fixed a issue with displaying the Video size information when using PDVD9 Video Decoder.

12. Added support for new Dual Hybrid (7164) card

DNTV Live! Version 1.3.6 21 Dec 09 1.  Added channel change boost mode to speed up channel changes, also added an option to enable/disable it from the TV Settings page in Configuration.
2. Fixed a problem with the PIP window dragging when used in Vista Aero mode.
3. Added FM and Analog Preview support for the Dual Hybrid 7164 devices.
5. Fixed the OSD & EPG updating when boost channel changing.
6. Fixed a exception error that only appeared on XP O.S.
7. Added some code to remove unwanted control characters from EPG data and to remove illegal file name characters.
8. Fixed an intermittent access violation error with get long function.
9. Moved the devices registry from the USER to MACHINE so Schedulerpro service can access the devices in use data.
10. Updated the "About" page version number and also corrected a spelling mistake.

DNTV Live! Version 1.3.7 20 Jan 10 1. Fixed a registry acces bug on first run after install, also changed the first popup to the login page.
2. Fixed a bug when using boost mode with record format of DVR-MS and would not change audio types.
3. Altered the first start method to set VRM9 and Multi-instance as default, selecting HDTVMode or Multi-instance mode now toggles from the general page.
4. Removed the annoying tuner restart when the channel tree is expanded.
5. Fixed a bug with the first DNTV DVBT series card where it would not be recognised after v1.3.1.

Version (16-01-2010)

1. Added code to enable Boost channel changing from the EPG Window.
2. Fixed a bug when launching a new PIP from the Main HDTV Channel list would open a blank window when in multi-instance mode.
3. Made some changes to the hardware dvbt/s status drop down menu options.
4. Boost Channel change mode, Known issue with SPDIF not being selected after changing from SD/mp2 to HD/AC3. Under investigation.
5. Sometime DNTVLive hangs or gives an exception, identified that this is caused by data errors from EIT stream errors. Tempory fix is to delete the EPGTV.xml and EPGSAT.xmlfiles in DNTVLive's program files directory and restart the application.
6. Added support for Digital Now DVBT/DAB+ TV Stick.

Version (03-01-2010)

1. Added FM support for the dual 7164 hybrid devices.
2. Fixed a bug with the boost channel changing on satellite channels, also reduced the retry times to speed it up when missing signals
3. Fixed a bug with the menu collapse methods causing errors on exiting.
DNTV Live! Version 1.3.8 12 Apr 10 1. Added the community digital TV stations to the freq list.
2. Added Device support for RealTek DVBT/DAB/FM device (Dabby), single device on DAB or FM only due to limitations of Realtek drivers.
3. Added single program recording for DAB/FM Realtek Devices, single program only due to limitations of RealTek drivers.
4. Fixed a bug where the VMR9 option was held active while the Multiple-Instance option was enabled. VMR9 mode will now be selected when the Instance option option is selected and then can be then deselected if not required.
5. Fixed a bug where switching between HD & SD with boost channel change mode using some USB device types would cause the program to freeze.
DNTV Live! Version 1.4.0 10 Oct 10 1. Added full support for the Quad DVB-T card including DAB and FM Radio.

2. Added support for recording DAB+ to m4a file format

3. Added support for the latest version of the TinyTwin